These are the Don Mills Flyers Game Times, Opponents and Arena Locations

Date (ymd) Game Time Rink Home Team Score Away Team Score
2018-12-2719:00 AMCE-1Don Mills Flyers6Richmond Hill Coyotes1
2018-12-27251:30 PMCE-1Sun County Panthers0Don Mills Flyers6
2018-12-287511:05 AMWW-1Detroit Honeybaked1Don Mills Flyers11
2018-12-281055:25 PMWW-1Don Mills Flyers7Oakville Rangers1
2018-12-2912112:45 PMCE-1Don Mills Flyers2Toronto Red Wings0
2018-12-291295:30 PMCE-1Don Mills Flyers4Ottawa Capitals1
2018-12-301339:45 AMCE-2Don Mills Flyers3Gentry Galaxy2
2018-12-301352:00 PMCE-4Don Mills Flyers2Toronto Nationals1