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Frank J. Selke Award

Frank J. Selke
Frank J. Selke

Presented annually in recognition of outstanding on ice performance. leadership, and loyalty, in the Minor Atom through Pee Wee age groups.

Hockey began at an early age for Frank Selke. Realizing that his own hockey skills were only going to take him so far as a player, he began his managerial and coaching careers at the tender age of 13 years old in Kitchener, Ontario, leading a team made up of friends and neighborhood kids.

One of his early rivalries was with a young Conn Smythe who would eventually go on to own the Toronto Maple Leafs and build the legendary Maple Leaf Gardens.

After a brief stint as coach at the University of Toronto Schools where he won the first ever Memorial Cup in 1919 Selke moved on to work with the Toronto Marlboro juniors winning another national Junior title in 1928.

It was in the year of 1929 that his old rival and friend, Conn Smythe, hired Selke to help manage his Toronto Maple Leafs and he would prove to be invaluable in the Leaf’s run of three Stanley Cups during his stay.

In 1946 Selke switched to the rival Montreal Canadiens where he was the architect of six more Stanley Cup championships and a couple more Memorial Cup titles with the Junior Canadiens.

Elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1960 Mr. Selke passed away in 1985.

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