Friendship U12 Schedule

Tournament Sanction: #5689

October 8th to 11th, 2021
Canlan Ice Sports Etobicoke

Schedule for the 2021 Friendship U10 Tournament will be available by September 27th, 2021.

A schedule will be emailed to all team personnel. Please cross-reference this schedule to what appears on the website and if there are any discrepancies, notify us immediately.

There is no flexibility in changing game times as all teams other than commuters are notified to be prepared to play Friday October 8th, 2021; and divisions are based on strength, record and other concerns.

To expedite registration, Travel Permits and Official Rosters MUST be sent ahead of time.

Good luck! And have a Great Tournament!

CE-1 – Canlan – Etobicoke # 1
CE-2 – Canlan – Etobicoke # 2
CE-3 – Canlan – Etobicoke # 3
CE-4 – Canlan – Etobicoke # 4

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