President’s Message

Welcome to the Toronto Marlboros Hockey Club Website

James Nicoletti - PresidentThe Toronto Marlboros is one of the most recognized symbols of minor hockey around the world. An 88 year history has repeatedly proven our success from decade to decade. Now with this website we can reach corners of the world never dreamed possible. It has been exciting receiving emails from children and grandchildren of former Marlboros from around the world. We have a heritage to be proud of and the future continues to shine as bright as our golden logo.

Our success is based on the support of our volunteers. As a not-for-profit organization we rely on sponsors, sponsorships, fundraising and the generosity of individuals to financially support our programs. The efforts of these individuals giving countless hours of energy and time collectively helps build a strong organization that in turn raises better citizens.

Our executive personnel have exceptional credentials and are very well equipped to guide, support and prepare young athletes. To be effective one must understand people, and our leaders are very well qualified and motivated to provide the best hockey experience available for our young aspiring athletes.

Our enriched hockey schedule, the dedicated coaches, the exceptional opportunities and the caring nurturing environment are components encompassing the Marlboro player experience. We are here to assist athletes in reaching their goals and aspirations. The Marlboros are fortunate to have superb coaches and alumnae who understand and help sustain the Marlboro’s reputation for excellence. It is the responsibility of every member to encourage and inspire players and provide immeasurable learning opportunities.

The mission of the Toronto Marlboros Hockey Club is to nurture the complete player and develop a well-rounded citizen. The Marlboros emphasize a healthy balance in hockey and life, because hockey is part of one’s life, it is not the rest of one’s life. It is a privilege for players’ and coaches’ to represent the Marlboros. We expect them to be ambassadors for the game.

We teach players to
~ Play for the love of the game,
~ Be generous in winning
~ Be graceful in losing
~ Be fair and display sportsmanship
~ Be obedient to the rules
~ Work for the good of the team
~ Conduct yourself with honour and dignity
~ Learn every time you step on the ice

Always strive for G.O.L.D. ~ the Marlboro way!
Catch the Spirit

James Nicoletti, President
Toronto Marlboro Hockey Club