President’s Message

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James Nicoletti - Past President After 38 years of leadership with the Toronto Marlboros, it is time to pass the torch. It has been a wonderful experience to work with all of the supportive families and players. I have met so many wonderful people on this journey. I could write a book! I have witnessed some extraordinary success with our athletes watching them perform as 9 year olds and years later play in the NHL, representing our National Team and winning Olympic Gold. So many success stories, so many great kids and lately children of former players proudly returning to wear the Marlboro logo that their parents wore decades ago.

It has been an honour to serve this wonderful Logo and the success could not have been possible without the countless hours of volunteer work over the years from my family, my executive members, and friends. I am especially grateful to my executive members who have weathered the test of time and have been so loyal over the years. The leadership group and supporters have continued to make Marlboros one of the most recognized symbols of minor hockey around the world.

Moving forward I am very proud to see a former player, coach and loyal family take this logo into the future. It is with pleasure to recognize James Naylor as the next President of the Toronto Marlboros. He understands the history, he has lived it as a player, supported it as a coach and has the perfect skill set and temperament to carry the torch into the next phase of history.

Thank you

Jim Nicoletti
Past President Toronto Marlboros

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