All Time Champions List (Toronto Marlboros)

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The Marlboro hockey club has enjoyed unprecedented success in the current century but those achievements are only a continuation of the winning tradition that has been established over the past 124 years of Marlboro hockey. The first Marlboro minor team was established in the 1899-1900 season in the Junior Division (14 – 18 year olds) of the Toronto Lacrosse and Hockey League. Competing in seasons that lasted only 8 – 10 weeks when natural ice was available, the young club would typically play a schedule of 10 -12 games including playoffs and provincial championships.


When the THL did begin the focus was only on older players. The initial season in 1900-1901 saw competition only in the Junior division with the Senior and Juvenile age groups added in the 1912-1913 campaign. Midget was added in the 1915-1916 season followed by Bantam (1920-1921), Minor Bantam (1930-1931), Minor Midget (1936-1937), Pee Wee (1943-1944), Atom (1951-1952), Minor Atom (1955-1956) and Minor Pee Wee (1974-1975).

While the first incarnation of the THL began in the 1900-1901 season the first known champions and age groups were as follows;
Junior (1911-1912) – Beaches Methodist
Senior (1912-1913) – Balmy Beach Club
Juvenile (1912-1913) – St. Matthews
Midget (1915-1916) – St. Mary`s
Bantam (1920-1921) – Bellefairs HC
Minor Bantam (1930-1931) – St. Joseph`s
Minor Midget (1936-1937) – Upper Canada College
Pee Wee (1943-1944) – Etobicoke AC
Atom (1951-1952) – Rocky River Construction
Minor Atom (1955-1956) – Wexford HC
Minor Pee Wee (1974-1975) – Mississauga Reps

The THL became the MTHL in1972 and adopted it`s now familiar GTHL title in 1999.

The first Marlboro minor team entered in the THL was in the Junior age group in the 1900-1901 season. The club did not win their first league title in the THL until the 1931-1932 season.

That was the first of what is now an unprecedented “167” THL – MTHL – GTHL titles to date.

The Marlboros have enjoyed many periods of outstanding success with three distinct 10 year runs that may never be topped.

2003 – 2013 – 37 League titles
1948 – 1957 – 36 league titles
1961 – 1970 – 29 League titles

Of special note the Marlboro Midgets won an unprecedented 8 straight League titles between 1954-1955 and 1960-1961 all under the guidance of the same staff, Jim Young and Vic Sluce.

The Marlboro Minor Midgets won an impressive 17 league titles in a 20 year period between 1948-1949 and 1967-1968.

The 1948-1949 season would see the Shopsy`s Food Company become one of the most famous sponsors in all of minor hockey backing the Pee Wee`s, who would go onto win numerous league, provincial and Quebec International Tournament titles under it`s banner.