With the countless hours of work put in by both our players and volunteer staff, the Marlboro Hockey Club honours selected individuals each year at its season ending banquet. The three major awards are named after individuals who have played prominent roles in the building of the club over its formative years.

Harold Ballard

Harold Ballard

Presented in recognition of outstanding service, loyalty, and contribution to the Toronto Marlboro Hockey Club.

Growing up in Toronto as the son of a renowned skate manufacturer, Harold participated in a wide variety of sports including hockey and speed skating.

As a young adult he would switch his focus to the management side of sport and lead the “Toronto Sea Fleas” to a National Senior “A” hockey title, winning the Allan Cup in 1932.

Turning his attention to the Marlboro hockey Club as it’s President and Chief Financial Officer, he contributed to another Allan Cup victory in 1950, and two Memorial Cup titles in 1955 and 1956.

It was in 1962 that Harold, along with partners Stafford Smythe and John Bassett, purchased the Maple Leafs from Major Conn Smythe before taking over full control in 1972 where he owned the club up until the time of his passing in 1990.

Mr. Ballard and his family will always be remembered for their outstanding support of the Marlboro Hockey Club.


Year Winner
2022-2023 Richard Power
2021-2022 Iain Green
2020-2021 No Winner – COVID 19 Outbreak
2019-2020 Prentice Toker
2018-2019 Mike Devine – Posthumously
2017-2018 Not Awarded
2016-2017 Jean-Marc Mckenzie
2014-2015 Alan Findlay
2013-2014 Paul Coffey
2012-2013 Wayne Gagne
2011-2012 Lea Kyle
2010-2011 Nick Halavonja
2009-2010 Dan Brown
2008-2009 Ken Strong
2007-2008 Steve Thomas
2006-2007 Not Awarded
2005-2006 Domenic Scuglia
2004-2005 James Naylor
2003-2004 Paul Crane
2002-2003 Dwayne Dumont
2001-2002 John Cottrell / Ed Bajon
2000-2001 Keith Carrigan / Al Ford
1999-2000 Dave Odd
1998-99 Not Awarded
1997-98 Harley Taylor
1996-97 Victor Agostino
1995-96 Not Awarded
1994-95 Stephen Brunswick
1993-94 Frank Bonello
1992-93 Paul Lewicki

A.J. “Buck” Houle

Presented annually in recognition of outstanding on ice preformance, leadership and loyalty, in the Minor Bantam through Midget age groups.

“Buck” Houle truly was a Marlboro pioneer. As a member of the first ever Marlboro minor team (Bantam) in 1931 Buck went on to play for the Midget and Junior “B” teams before being called to serve in Conn Smythe’s famed 30th Battalion in World War II.

Upon returning to Canada in 1948 he along with Smythe’s son, Stafford, were given the task of building a strong local feeder system for the Maple Leafs through the Marlboro minor and Junior “A” teams. The Leafs had no Toronto born players on their roster at the time.

His success can be evaluated in the steady flow of prospects that made their way through the system to play integral parts in Maple Leaf Stanley Cup victories in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

“Buck” would spend a total of 27 years in hockey as a manager and scout with the Marlboro and Leafs organizations and was directly responsible for the development of some of the club’s most legendary stars.


Year Winner Year Winner
1989-90 Claudio Orlando 2010-2011 Jordan Subban
1990-91 Ryan Mittleman 2011-2012 Connor McDavid / Roland MCKeown
1991-92 Michael Mann 2012-2013 Dylan Strome
1992-93 Roy Gray 2013-2014 Michael McLeod
1993-94 David Anfuso 2014-2015 Ryan McLeod / Matthew Strome
1994-95 Ryan Crane 2015-2016 Akil Thomas
1995-96 Ryan Ward 2016-2017 Jack Hughes / Daniel D’Amico
1996-97 Jeff Milroy 2017-2018 Jamie Drysdale / Ryan Alexander
1997-98 Jason Spezza 2018-2019 Wyatt Johnston / Ethan Del Mastro
1998-99 George Eliopoulos 2019-2020 Paul Ludwinski / Isaiah George
1999-00 Ricky Nash 2020-2021 No Winner – COVID 19 Outbreak
2000-01 Chris Hawley 2021-2022 Sam Dickinson / Beckette Sennecke
2001-02 Chris D’Alvise 2022-2023 Lev Katzin and William Moore
2002-03 Davide Nicoletti
2003-04 Sam Gagne
2004-05 Bryan Cameron / John Tavares
2005-2006 Tyler Forbes
2006-2007 Micheal Cantenacci
Ethan Werek
2007-2008 Freddie Hamilton
2008-2009 Michael Curtis / Ryan Strome
2009-2010 Scott Laughton
Frank Selke Jr

Frank Selke Jr

Presented annually in recognition of outstanding on ice performance. leadership, and loyalty, in the Minor Atom through Pee Wee age groups.

Hockey began at an early age for Frank Selke. Realizing that his own hockey skills were only going to take him so far as a player, he began his managerial and coaching careers at the tender age of 13 years old in Kitchener, Ontario, leading a team made up of friends and neighborhood kids.

One of his early rivalries was with a young Conn Smythe who would eventually go on to own the Toronto Maple Leafs and build the legendary Maple Leaf Gardens.

After a brief stint as coach at the University of Toronto Schools where he won the first ever Memorial Cup in 1919 Selke moved on to work with the Toronto Marlboro juniors winning another national Junior title in 1928.

It was in the year of 1929 that his old rival and friend, Conn Smythe, hired Selke to help manage his Toronto Maple Leafs and he would prove to be invaluable in the Leaf’s run of three Stanley Cups during his stay.

In 1946 Selke switched to the rival Montreal Canadiens where he was the architect of six more Stanley Cup championships and a couple more Memorial Cup titles with the Junior Canadiens.

Elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1960 Mr. Selke passed away in 1985.


Year Winner Year Winner
1999-00 Brendan Smith 2011-2012 Brendan Smith
2000-01 Andrew Scuglia 2012-2013 Allan McShane
2001-02 Brian Cameron 2013-2014 Nicholas Zabaneh / Brendan Sellan
2002-03 Corey Trivino 2014-2015 Jamie Drysdale
2003-04 Michael Catenacci 2015-2016 Joshua Orrico  / Wyatt Johnston
2004-05 Nathan Chiarlitti 2016-2017 Isaiah George
2005-06 Luke Juha 2017-2018 Christopher Grisolia
2006-07 Scott Laughton 2018-2019 Nathaniel Adams / Marko Bilic
2007-08 Braxton Andrews / J.P. Subban 2019-2020 Lev Katzin
2008-09 Michael Eade 2020-2021 No Winner – COVID 19 Outbreak
2009-10 Dylan Strome 2021-2022 Weston Cameron
2010-11 Kyle Maksimovich 2022-2023 Jaden Licastro

Presented in recognition of outstanding character and contribution to the Toronto Marlboro Hockey Club.

2022-2023 Jeff Katzin and Brad MacDonell
2021-2022 Jim Nicoletti, Lynn Dennis and Mike Chraba
2020-2021 NO Winner – COVID 19 Outbreak
2019-2020 James Naylor
2018-2019 Justin Law Cobb, Midget
2015-2016 Jack Devlin, Peewee Volunteer
2016-2017 Jaden Peca, Midget Captain

The Marlboro “Five Year Award” is presented annually to players, team staff and executives who have completed five years of service with the organization.

The loyalty shown in this day of the twelve team “AAA” League is an exceptional achievement, and this commitment is recognized with the awarding of a commemorative plaque at our year end banquet.



Camillo Milani
Matheas Stark
Justin Donati
Jude Bray


U14/Minor Bantam
Sebastian Dell’Elce
Lev Katzin
Aidan Lane
Lucas Manikis
Matteo Sabatini
Jeff Katzin – Manager
Duncan Lane – Assistant Coach

Sam Dickinson
Beckett Sennecke
Ryan Gottschalk – Trainer
Brian Gottschalk – Assistant Coach

Following the same criteria as the five year award, the seven year Marlboro award winners are honoured with the presentation of a watch at the year-end banquet.

Players falling into this category are also eligible for a $700.00 scholarship bursary, to be used towards their post secondary school tuition if they choose to attend.


Jeff Katzin
Matteo Sabatini
Aidan Lane
Lev Katzin
Sebestian Dell’ Elce
Chris Marchese
Jonathan Castagna
Francesco Dell’Elce
Christopher Grisolia
Angus MacDonell
Zackary Sandhu
Lino Colagiacomo (Assistant Coach U16)
Adam Colagiacomo (Coach U11)
Steve Devine (Coach U18)