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Harold E. Ballard Award

Harold Ballard
Harold Ballard

Presented in recognition of outstanding service, loyalty, and contribution to the Toronto Marlboro Hockey Club.

Growing up in Toronto as the son of a renowned skate manufacturer, Harold participated in a wide variety of sports including hockey and speed skating.

As a young adult he would switch his focus to the management side of sport and lead the “Toronto Sea Fleas” to a National Senior “A” hockey title, winning the Allan Cup in 1932.

Turning his attention to the Marlboro hockey Club as it’s President and Chief Financial Officer, he contributed to another Allan Cup victory in 1950, and two Memorial Cup titles in 1955 and 1956.

It was in 1962 that Harold, along with partners Stafford Smythe and John Bassett, purchased the Maple Leafs from Major Conn Smythe before taking over full control in 1972 where he owned the club up until the time of his passing in 1990.

Mr. Ballard and his family will always be remembered for their outstanding support of the Marlboro Hockey Club.

Year Winner
1992-93 Paul Lewicki
1993-94 Frank Bonello
1994-95 Stephen Brunswick
1995-96 Not Awarded
1996-97 Victor Agostino
1997-98 Harley Taylor
1998-99 Not Awarded
1999-00 Dave Odd
2000-2001 Keith Carrigan
Al Ford
2001-2002 John Cottrell
Ed Bajon
2002-2003 Dwayne Dumont
2003-2004 Paul Crane
2004-2005 James Naylor
2005-2006 Domenic Scuglia
2006-2007 Not Awarded
2007-2008 Steve Thomas
2008-2009 Ken Strong
2009-2010 Dan Brown
2010-2011 Nick Halavonja
2011-2012 Lea Kyle
2012-2013 Wayne Gagne
2013-2014 Paul Coffey
2014-2015 Alan Findlay
2016-2017 Jean-Marc Mckenzie
2017-2018 Not Awarded
2018-2019 Mike Devine – Posthumously